The Health Centrum has 4 adult ICU beds, and 2 neonatal ICU beds.  It has cardiac monitors, pulse oximeters, capnographs, and ventilators, incubators, baby warmers, and other equipment to serve the needs of critically ill adult and pediatric patients.

The entrance to the THC Emergency Room has been purposely situated away from the main lobby, at the south side of the hospital, near the Alunsina Hotel. Vehicle access to the THC E.R. can be both through the road fronting Alunsina Hotel, or through the main entrance of The Health Centrum.

Trauma patients are immediately evaluated, and sent to the trauma room for urgent care. Less urgent patients are given initial evaluation and treatment while awaiting either admission or discharge for out patient follow-up. The THC has an a completely furbished ambulance, with portable ECG monitor, defibrlllator, suction machine, oxygen, stretchers, splints and other paraphernalia. Its nursing staff and In-House Physicians are trained and competent in handling urgent and emergent cases. THC is in the process of outfitting a water ambulance so the E.R. can do patient transport and support both on land and through waterways. In the future, a helipad will be built next to the emergency room, to facilitate emergency air transport too.


Tel No. (036) 621-9088 Loc. 119


intensive care unit (ICU)
neonatal intensive care unit