The Health Centrum, Inc. is a SEC-registered corporation organized for the purpose of developing a modern medical facility in Roxas City. The project entails the establishment of a 120-bed tertiary-level hospital with an adjoining hotel, following the now popular hospital-cum-hotel, or “hospitel,” concept. As envisioned, the hospital and wellness center will cater not only to patients coming from within the city and the rest of the Province of Capiz, but will actually target a broader primary market area covering the whole of Northern Panay (which includes Capiz, Aklan and the northern towns of Iloilo) and the island provinces of Masbate and Romblon. It has employed highly competent medical, nursing, and paramedicalworld-class medical expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, it may also be expected to attract patients from the rest of Panay Island and even from other parts of the country.  Meanwhile, families of patients from distant places will actually find it convenient and more cost effective to stay in the adjoining hotel for the duration of their patients’ confinement. Hence, this is expected to significantly add to the attractiveness of the entire facility. Indeed, the proposed medical facility is expected to further reinforce this unique role of the city and help make it a truly attractive destination for local and foreign retirees, as well as for tourists who go on trips for both leisure and health reasons. The hospital is only the first leg of a 6-heactare medical tourism park that is being applied for accreditation by TIEZA.

The main proponent of the Capiz Medical Medical Tourism Park is The Health Centrum, Inc., a SEC-registered corporation with business office at The Health Centrum Hospital, Teodorica Avenue, Roxas City. It was established in 2004 with the following initial incorporators: Abundio A. Balgos, Jean D. Balgos, Antonio A. Balgos, Milagros A. Balgos, Lourdes B. San Agustin, Corazon B. Tiangco, and Fe B. Mejia. It subsequently acquired the property on which construction of The Health Centrum Hospital was started in 2011, and which started operation in 2012. The properties included in the proposed Capiz Medical Tourism Park are either solely owned or jointly owned by the incorporators of The Health Centrum, Inc. The main thrust of the Health Centrum, Inc. is the development and operation of a hospital and wellness center, to prevent and treat disease, as well as raise the level of health care. It aims to also promote traditional and/or alternative medicine, as part of its wholistic approach to wellness. It has already invested roughly PhP250 million into the Health Centrum Hospital, and is continuing to invest on more equipment and additional infrastructures.

The following are the board members of The Health Centrum, Inc. include its President and CEO, Dr. Abundio Balgos was a teacher in the U.P. College of Medicine, serving as well in various capacities as he moved up the rank for 30 years in the academe, starting as Instructor  to Professor, Chief of Pulmonary Section (for 3 years), Vice Chairman of the Department of Medicine (for 6 years), Associate Dean of UPCM (for 6 years), and Vice Chancellor of UP Manila when opted for early retirement to go back to Roxas City in 2013 to manage The Health Centrum Hospital and eventually the Capiz Medical Tourism Park. His thesis for his Masteral Degree in Hospital Administration at the UP Open University was the feasibility study of The Health Centrum Hospital and Wellness Center. He was responsible for the planning and implementation of the 25-year strategic plans of UPCM and UP Manila.  His extensive clinical and administrative experience will be put to good use in this project, as President and CEO. The other members of the board are: Ms. Jean Balgos who has a masteral degree in Nursing administration from the Philippine Women’s University, and also a masteral degree in Hospital Administration who not only carries her clinical and training experience from Manila Doctors Hospital but also the National Jewish Memorial Hospital in Boston, massauchussets, U.S.A.; Dr. Antonio Balgos, a graduate of Electrical Engineering from UP Diliman, with masteral units for urban planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Masteral and Doctorate degrees in in Business Management from the Philippine Women’s University, whose previous work with NEDA and current as manager of the Balgos Agri=Business and license as a Realtor brings in added expertise; Mr. William Bantigue is a Chemical Engineer, who initially joined Procter and Gamble, rising to corporate Vice President for Philippine operations before he opted to put up his own distribution company, Business People, Inc., the biggest retail distribution outfits of Nestle, serving Panay island and Boracay; He is owner and/or majority owner of 21 other companies and is now expanding to real estate development. Corazon Pangan, a Magna cum laude graduate in Business Administration from U.P. Diliman, is the major business partner of William Bantigue

in many of his 21 companies;  Sr. Rosamond Abadesco, also a graduate of Maters in Hospital Administration, has served as hospital administrator in several hospitals and colleges managed by the St. Paul’s of Chartes, and currently the administrator of St. Paul’s Hospital in Iloilo City. The other members of the board are Dr. Fe B. Mejia, a Doctor of Dental Medicine, and Corazon B. Tiangco, and Lourdes B. San Agustin, both graduates of business administration. Corazon Tiangco is currently a councilor of Roxas City.

The extensive pooled experience, track record, expertise, and financial support and connections of the board members in their various capacities provide confidence in the capability of The Health Centrum, Inc. to implement the Capiz Medical Medical Tourism Park.